Guest post: Michel Herbelin

Get the Chelsea look
Chelsea has long been considered one of London’s hotspots. It is have achieved a VIP status thanks to its glamorous and high end vibe. The interest in Chelsea has only been enhanced thanks to the popular reality show ‘Made in Chelsea’. Everyone wants to follow the lavish lifestyles of Millie Mackintosh and Lucy Watson. They want access to all of the fanciest clubs, the super-hot men, and the stunning wardrobes. Whilst we can’t help you with the first two points we can definitely help you when it comes to getting the Chelsea look. Come to think of it… Having the Chelsea look is a sure fire way to attract the hottest men and possibly bag yourself into the swankiest venues. So maybe we can help with all three. But let’s get to it…
The Chelsea look is all about effortless glamour. You need to look like a million dollars, but don’t look like you have tried too hard. Bold prints and huge hairstyles can be saved for those who wish to achieve the Essex style. When it comes to getting the Chelsea look opt for natural makeup with a light smokey eye and pale kissable lips. Wear your hair naturally but tamed of course. Loose effortless curls look stunning.
If you are going to a red carpet worthy event then you need to go for the long glamorous maxi dress. Opt for a dress that flows elegantly to the floor. Light colours work beautifully. Shades such as ivory, mint, pale pink and lilac look pretty and feminine yet have that subtle hint of sexiness. If you aren’t going somewhere as formal then the Chelsea girls all love their heels, statement trouser and blazer combo. Skinny jeans are a must, however don’t be afraid to go for a peg leg trouser instead. When it comes to heels, barely there stilettos are all the range this season and are definitely a must have. With winter coming up a statement coat is a must. Chelsea girls make sure they have several show stopping outer pieces to really enhance their overall look. This year oversized coats are all the range for those seeking the high end Chelsea style.
Last but not least, we need to get onto the most important style rule of them all; know how to accessorise. This is where the Chelsea girls really excel. Invest in a high quality statement handbag, such as the popular Mulberry bags. Also, make sure you invest in a quality statement watch. This is your number one accessory. Think big, think glamorous. Michel Herbelin is a popular brand for those lucky ladies living in Chelsea. This should give you a fantastic starting point. So, you have your bag and watch, everything else should be subtle. These two accessories take all of the attention. Earrings, bracelets and alike should be elegant and feminine. Never overdo it.
So there you have it; follow this advice and you can achieve the stunning Chelsea look. You never know, you may be on our television screens before you know it!

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